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" As a real estate agent I must admit that Patino Shoes changed my life. Town shoes always hurt my feet a lot at the end of the day. Patino shoes are very elegant and extremely comfortable with their memory sole. I can finally walk all day without any pain. Many thanks to Patino Shoes for changing my life at wor "

Michael F.

Real Estate Agent

" In my job, I have daily business meetings, lunches and dinners. I have a very high-end Monegasque clientele and I am very proud to wear my Patino shoes. What a marvellous idea to have launched such a brand locally: the models are superb, the quality is top quality and I am a fan of the green sole. Everybody asks me where they come from. And congratulations also for the delivery service, home delivery in the principality - it's great service. "

Thibaut W.

Chargé d'affaires - Monaco

" Thank you for your fast shipping and always the same quality of product. "

Denis M.