Artistically applied patinas

Artistically applied patinas

Artistically applied patinas


Putting a patina on a top-quality shoe today is an art and requires experience.


Putting a patina on a shoe is a process involving a series of steps with specific techniques to applying dyes to the leather to give the colors a weathered look and creating a shoe with a unique character.

For PATINO, Charlet has developed two types of patinas: a simple patina, which can be found in the ready-to-wear collections and the ‘diamond’ finish patina exclusively for PATINO shoes.

    The simple patina is a technique, which consists of playing with the richness and contrasts of color by applying successive coats.
    The diamond finish patina offers a harmony of complementary colors much like a sheet of music in which the beauty and harmony of instruments is replaced by the essential oils and different dyes.

In close collaboration with a world-renowned French tannery Charlet uses a rawhide with a mixed mineral and vegetable tanning having the capacity to absorb the dyes well and give the colors a subtle deepness.

In the patina workshop, the essential oils are applied in successive coats to give an artistic dimension to the shoes. Each shoe is worked individually with a cloth and a paintbrush, a meticulous artistic technique. The effects are overlapping colors producing a unique piece.

Handmade by expert colorists and filled with essential oils, these patinas give the shoes a one-of-a-kind color, full of life and personality. Discrete or extravagant, sober or flamboyant, each pair is unique and resembles only one man, the man wearing them, because it is he who has chosen the final patina.
The PATINO  ‘diamond’ Patinas

For the made to order Iconic Collection, PATINO Monaco offers you the choice from a selection of 6 ‘diamond’ finish patinas.

Underwood Green

Cardinal Red

Glazed Brown

Sapphire Blue


Golden Brown

The Monte Carlo model is the only one made-to-order with the choice of a smooth version or a flowered end representing the PATINO emblem on the tip.

A delay of 3 weeks is necessary for the creation of this universally unique pair of PATINO shoes.