Be Unique

Be Unique

Be Unique

With PATINO shoes, you will distinguish yourself from your surroundings and show your uniqueness.
What will make you so unique wearing PATINO shoes?

Green leather sole – Unique 

The green color is a tribute to our commitment to a greener planet. This sole is recognizable by all connoisseurs.


The natural patinas made to order - Unique

This collection equally allows each customer, by special order, to personalize his pair of high quality shoes by choosing the patina from a selection of 6 colors and to receive them directly to his home in 3 short weeks.  : Underwood Green - Cardinal Red - Glazed Brown - Blue Sapphire - Plum or Golden Brown.

All patinas are made based on natural essential oils (no chemicals). This makes your pair of shoes 100% unique, a true work of art: there are identical pairs.

Underwood Green

Cardinal Red

Glazed Brown

Blue Sapphire


Golden Brown


The first luxury shoes with no apparent stitches - Unique

The interiors of the shoes in this line are sewn entirely by hand according to a specific technique displaying a completely unexpected final result - absolutely no apparent stitches. Furthermore this new contemporary design, specification, used only by Charlet for PATINO demonstrates unequalled comfort and flexibility.   In fact, pioneer in its domain, this latest technique counters any and all remaining roughness that could disturb the comfort of the foot.