Patino Shoes have invented the first city shoes that combine both elegance and extreme comfort.


Space research technology

Patino Shoes are carefully equipped with memory foam soles, with hardened foam.Developed by NASA to absorb the most extreme shocks, this foam allows the distribution of body weight and pressure, exerted over the entire area of the sole. These soles embrace the shape of the foot, giving our shoes unmatched comfort. Result: they quite literally make you feel like you are weightless!

Breathable and antibacterial: three layers for ultimate comfort

The technology in Patino Shoes is the key to comfort. It uses different layers of foam placed between the leather outsole and the perforated leather insole. The first layer of antibacterial cotton insulates your foot from the ground to keep it dry and cold. Followed by two layers of hardened memory foam to absorb shock, in which they mold your arch to protect all of your joints and prevent fatigue. Finally, the perforated insole allows your foot to breathe and prevents overheating when it comes to walking.

Handcrafted "Haute Couture" shoes for botterie lovers

Patino Shoes is a brand of ‘Maison Charlet’, founded in 1959 in Monaco, the capital of luxury and elegance. A worthy heir to secular Italian know-how, the Maison's commitment is to offer shoes that combine impeccable quality with design and finishes of rare aesthetics. Entirely handcrafted from the finest leathers from the Annonay Tannery, all made with Goodyear stitching and the shoe's "Rolls", Patino Shoes are exceptional.

“Walk Green”: sustainable and responsible manufacturing

Patino Shoes has adopted an eco-responsible approach in the manufacturing of its shoes. A value of respect for the environment that we call "Walk Green", is symbolized through the green color of our soles. All our leathers come from the European Union, mainly from France, where the skins are tanned in a sustainable way and controlled according to strict ecological directives. No skin from protected or endangered animals is used. We refuse to work with China or any other country in the Middle East, which pose the risk of using synthetic materials or certain dangerous chemicals. Finally, our shoes are carefully colored by hand, exclusively based on oils and natural pigments.