Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Our philosophy


The philosophy of the house CHARLET, Deluxe Botterie since 1959, is oriented around three core values:


Our client should feel unique with his PATINO shoes. Nod to the unqiue leather green sole and sustainable manufacturing. The emblematic range offers the possibility to choose one's own patina (between 6 different colors) and the shoes will be made upon order.


This value refers to our commitment to act responsibly through a sustainable manufacturing and this is also a nod to our green leather sole.


We want to offer the epitome of luxury to a maximum of people, so our prices are extremely reasonable regarding the high standard of quality of our shoes. The PATINO shoes are only sold on our website. We have no shop, no resellers, so no intermediary costs. We do not heavily invest in advertising so that all those savings are immediately in favor of our customers.