Quality engagement

Quality engagement

Quality engagement

Traditional manufacturing


Each pair of 'Goodyear welted' shoes is a perfect example of the art of shoemaking. While products of poor quality are made using fully automated processes, all of our PATINO Goodyear welted shoes are handmade, using one of the oldest traditional shoe manufacturing methods with double stitched Goodyear welted soles and lock stitching.

Best quality of leather


PATINO selects its full grain calfskin leather among the best leather skins from the celebrated Annonay tannery in France. More than 200 steps are necessary for the creation of one pair of PATINO shoes

100% leather


The high quality of our shoes is reflected in the choice of 100% leather: the upper, lining, the insole and outsole, as well as the heel are all made with the finest leather that exists.

The Goodyear welt


The 'Goodyear Welted' technique is the ultimate method of manufacturing shoes. This method remains unmatched and isn't about to change.

Absolute resistance over time is obtained thanks to the 'Goodyear Welted' method, which makes it possible for the body of the shoe to last longer and become more resistant. This technique, typical of high-end shoes meets the most demanding requirements such as high quality materials, perfectly stitched with meticulous precision, offering outstanding durability, comfort, and ease of resoling, which extends the lifespan of the shoes.

Another feature is the leather insole, which is placed on a natural cork filling. Natural cork allows for breathability and gradually takes the shape of your foot making your shoe a custom-fit to your foot. Once your feet have imprinted on the sole, you will not be able to live without your shoes.



Our PATINO welted shoes are made from the finest leathers from European tanneries. High quality leather is a natural and breathable material and thus ensures a high rate of air circulation. That means, you will never have the sensation of humidity that shoes made of average quality leathers can produce.

A unique personality


All PATINO shoes are braided in green leather and mounted on a green leather sole. Only connoisseurs will recognize immediately the lucky owners of PATINO.