Walk Green

Walk Green

Walk Green

Walk Green

The idea of Walk Green echoes the values of our company: a green planet, durably made shoes and of course a strong reference to the green outer sole of our shoes.

Being and acting responsibly can be voiced with style and elegance by your choice of clothing and shoes.

The creation of PATINO shoes participates in responsible manufacturing by not harming the environment in trying to satisfy the tastes and convictions of each individual. We aim to offer the best of the best to our customers with a ‘Green’ environmentally responsible manufacturing process that produces a durable product.

  • All our leathers come from the European Union, mainly France, where the skins are tanned in a durable manner and following strict environmental controls.   The skins chosen come from the largest well-known French tannery, which treats the calfskins with the utmost care using an artisanal method. Our leathers are refined and are not dangerous to your health. Leather is a naturally permeable material, which guarantees foot breathability. Our shoes are 100% hypoallergenic and can be worn just as well with or without socks.
  • PATINO uses only calfskins.

=>We do not allow the use of skins from protected animals or animals near extinction.

  • As for the dyes used, each shoe is carefully colored by hand using natural oils and pigments.   We use Shea butter and Beeswax based creams to nourish the leather. These creams are applied in circular massaging motions to delicately penetrate the products and soften the leather. A reapplication of Beeswax is applied for the final shine on the toe of the shoe and on the counter to give the shoe a mirror effect.

=> We do not work in any way or form with China or the Middle East where 95% of the leather used is a synthetic mix and where there are no scruples in using certain chemical products such as Chrome VI.


  • Each PATINO shoe is Goodyear made. In addition to its very specific stitching, Goodyear made is characterized by a natural cork filled insole. Little by little the natural aspect of this cork takes on the shape of the foot like a footprint in the sand giving unequalled comfort to the happy owner of these shoes.


  • Our PATINO shoes are created and manufactured entirely by highly skilled shoe craftsma.

=> We condemn companies who use illegal child labor (China, India, Bangladesh).