The models

The models

The models

Richelieu or Oxford

Distinctive features

The elegant, refined Richelieu is a low cut shoe made from one piece of leather.  Ideal for formal occasions and ceremonies, its closed lacing gives it a refined, well-dressed aspect.  The Upper, sewn on the quarters allows only a slight opening when placing the foot in the leather shoe.  The Richelieu is a good fit for men with narrow feet and low insteps. 


How to wear an Oxford or Richelieu?

Laces should be tightened completely with the five eyelets showing only the top of the shoe tongue.  The Richelieu acts as an extension of the trousers. For a true English gentleman look the Richelieu goes perfectly with a tuxedo and for a more casual look, just as well with jeans.


Distinctive features

The derby is a more casual shoe made from two pieces of leather.  The lacing is open and easier to place the foot into the shoe.  In fact, the laces are placed on the upper, which allows it to open up.  The derby therefore encompasses comfort and is perfect for men with wide feet and high arches.  The open lacing allows those wearing the leather shoe to adjust the space between the quarters to the morphology of their feet.

How to wear a derby?

With its dress shoe appearance, the derby can be worn from sunrise to sunset regardless of its shape or color.  Leather derbies are suitable for professional meetings at work, with jeans in summer, with corduroys in winter and with a suit for official occasions.

Moccasin or Loafer

Distinctive features

Loafers have no laces or buckles.  The loafer consists of a base, sewn onto the upper, which supports the arch of the foot.


How to wear a moccasin or loafer

The advantage of a moccasin is that it is suitable with any style of dress.  It marries marvelously well with a suit for a classic chic look but just as well with jeans for a casual look at the weekend or in the evening.  A young clientele will also appreciate it without socks with Bermudas in the summer.

The Buckle

Distinctive features

Totally devoid of laces, the buckle served as a decoration in the 18th century.  Today the buckle is a real means of lacing. You can find shoes with two even three buckles.

How to wear a buckled shoe?

As a change for a dress shoe, the buckled shoe is a very good option. So as to avoid the buckle catching in the hem of the trouser leg, it is recommended to choose a straight-legged trouser, which stops at the ankle and leaves the buckle visible.

Chelsea boot

Distinctive features

The Chelsea boot is a model without laces but with wide elastic bands on each side.  In the past they were much used by English officers in the Chelsea section of London, thus their name.  The classic model is often shiny black leather with a slightly rounded toe.


How to wear a Chelsea boot?

The black Chelsea boot is worn with black or grey pencil leg trousers.  These boots can be worn with formal as well as casual attire.  This boot is quite straight and narrow and is idea for a slim build but does not go well with large trousers or t-shirts.

Chukka boot

Distinctive features

The term “chukka” comes from a period of play in the game of polo called a “chukker” The “chukker” and the Chukka boot were both inspired by the former shoes of polo players.  Whether calfskin or suede, the Chukka boots generally have two or three sets of eyelets for lacing.

How to wear a Chukka boot?

Chukka boots are a perfect choice for raw denim jeans or straight leg trousers and a casual, rugged shirt.  A rugged shirt, a turtleneck sweater and hunting vest…all go together well for that smart casual look.