PATINO, the brand!

PATINO, the brand!

PATINO, the brand!

Worthy successor to the age-old Italian savoir-faire, Charlet, based in Monaco since 1959, puts its entire passion in the manufacture of luxury shoes. 

Born in Monaco

Situated in Monaco since 1959, Charlet shines with the image of a modern shoe and boot maker and is distinguished in a universe where exigency, excellence and patient craftsmanship reign as masters. It is thus that the PATINO brand is seen today, in the heart of the Principality of Monaco, the veritable international capital of luxury and elegance that has always been seen as the birthplace of style and trends.
Each PATINO model, whether, ready-to-wear or made-to-order (as with the Iconic Collection) was imagined, conceived and then meticulously drawn by the designers in our Monaco workshop and made according to the precise specifications by our expert shoe and boot craftsmen.

An symbolic Emblem

In order to illustrate the unique character of its creations, PATINO has created a logo that strongly symbolizes Charlet.  It consists of the joining of three symbols, infinity for the exceptional longevity of its quality creations, a diamond for a glimpse of Monaco and all its luxury not to mention the most beautiful precious stone in the world and the loop, a refined and classic metaphor for a shoelace.  These three are brought together to illustrate the traditional savoir-faire of Charlet as a shoe house of exceptional quality.  


Charlet does not compromise with the quality of its PATINO creations.  That is why we use only the best leather chosen from the prestigious Annonay Tannery worked with the most traditional techniques and expert knowledge to obtain first class quality shoes. Shoes that have delighted lovers of exceptional high-end shoes all their lives.

The predominance of green

As Ariadne’s thread has her creations, Charlet has chosen the powerful symbolic color green, which is found on the sole and inside leather of each shoe.
This is certainly an allusion to good luck and destiny. Green is also par excellence, the color of freedom and life. These values come from a deep attachment to the brand, the craftsmen and the traditional savoir-faire not to mention a contemporary elegance.
As the red sole on women’s pumps is the mark of a fellow shoemaker, the green sole of PATINO shoes is a mischievous glance at its owner in a very closed circle of luxury shoes lovers.

The stitching specifications

The interiors of the shoes in this line are sewn entirely by hand according to a specific technique displaying a completely unexpected final result - absolutely no apparent stitches. Furthermore this new contemporary design, specification, used only by Charlet for PATINO demonstrates unequalled comfort and flexibility. In fact, pioneer in its domain, this latest technique counters any and all remaining roughness that could disturb the comfort of the foot.

Finally to equally improve the longevity of these models and to facilitate their soling without altering the upper, PATINO has chosen a Goodyear stitching for its guarantee of high quality.